Volvo confirms XC90 SUV is its first CarPlay vehicle

Aside from Mercedes-Benz and Ferari, Volvo is another launch partner for Apple's in-car software feature, dubbed CarPlay. After recently announcing a new version of its popular XC90 SUV, the Swedish company today confirmed the vehicle files as its first car model with native CarPlay integration.

CarPlay on the XC90 is provided alongside Volvo's built-in technology from Here and it enables familiar features like phone, navigation, music, Siri and more - all within an arm's reach via the vehicle's centre console touchscreen display...

Auto manufacturers say aftermarket CarPlay support will be difficult

The hope that older vehicles and aftermarket products will eventually support Apple's new CarPlay system took a bit of a blow yesterday. How-to website AppleToolbox spoke with reps from both Volvo and Ferrari, and both made it sound like it's going to be extremely difficult to do.

In fact, Ferrari has dismissed the possibility all together, saying that CarPlay "is available only on new range cars and cannot be installed on older ones." Volvo, on the other hand, hasn't ruled it out yet, but admits those adding aftermarket CarPlay support will face "major roadblocks."

Volvo posts video of Apple’s CarPlay in action

Hot on the heels of Apple's CarPlay announcement earlier this morning at the Geneva Motor Show, car maker Volvo has posted a video showing off iOS integration in action.

Unlike CarPlay implementations by other vendors such as Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, Volvo took the feature to the next level.

Specifically, Volvo's system allows for both CarPlay and Volvo controls to be available to drivers simultaneously on the vehicle's large touchscreen. I've included the video for your viewing pleasure right after the break...