How to control your iPhone Camera with Apple Watch

As you may have noticed, there’s no camera on your Apple Watch. After all, where would the lens go? But if you own an Apple Watch, you can use it to control the Camera on your iPhone.

With what’s called the Camera Remote app on your Watch, you can get your iPhone camera set up to snap the shot. Then use the app to capture a single photo or burst, use the timer, change between the front and rear-facing camera, and more, here’s how.

How to use physical and motor skill settings on your Apple Watch

Accessibility Apple Watch Touch Accommodations iPhone

Your Apple Watch, like your iPhone and iPad, offers Accessibility features to make things a bit easier. With visual enhancements if you have trouble seeing the screen and audio enhancements if you have difficulty hearing alerts, you can adjust many settings to make your wearable work better for you.

Here, we’ll walk through some of the features available for physical and motor skills. Whether you want to enable the wheelchair setting or need help touching the screen, these settings are for you.

How to automatically silence your Apple Watch based on location

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While your Apple Watch makes some nice and useful sounds, you don’t always want to hear them. You may have sounds for alerts, reminders, or to let you know the time. But if you’re heading someplace where those sounds can annoy others, you probably want to silence them.

So that you never forget to enable Theater Mode or Silent Mode, you can set up shortcuts to turn these on automatically based on your location. Here, we’ll show you how to create these automations for your Apple Watch in the Shortcuts app.

How to use audio enhancements on your Apple Watch

Taptic Time Settings on Apple Watch

If you or a loved one have trouble hearing, whether permanently or for a short time, take advantage of the Accessibility and touch features on Apple Watch.

With taps on your wrist, adjustments for earphones, and alternatives to dictation, your Watch can be just as wonderful with touch as it is with sound.

How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch

Unlocking your iPhone with Face ID when wearing a face mask used to be challenging, but not anymore. With iOS 14.5, you can now unlock the iPhone with your Apple Watch even while wearing a face mask. We show you how to configure and use this helpful time-saving feature.

How to automatically change your Apple Watch face based on time or location

Automations can be wonderful. You can make things happen with a one-time action and have them repeat. And with the Shortcuts app on iPhone you can set up personal automations for your Apple Watch.

One such automation you may find handy is changing your Watch face based on time of day, location, or action. For instance, you might like a certain face in the morning as your day is starting and a different one as your evening begins. As another example, you might prefer a particular face for when you head to the office and another when you arrive home.

How to use visual enhancements on your Apple Watch

An Apple Watch Series 6 with the X-Large watch face shown on the display

Along with the Accessibility settings on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Apple offers these helpful features for Apple Watch. And if you or a loved one has a visual impairment, adjusting just a few settings can make the Apple Watch experience that much better.

Maybe you just got your first Apple Watch and would like to use the visual enhancements. Perhaps you bought a Watch for someone with a visual impediment. Or maybe you have an injury that limits your vision and you need to adjust your Watch for a short time.

Here, we’ll show you the Accessibility features for vision available with your Apple Watch.

How to increase the text size on your Apple Watch

Apple Watch Large Text for Apps

If you’re new to Apple Watch or just bought one as a gift for a loved one, it’s a wonderful wearable. You can check your emails, reply to text messages, keep track of your activity, and so much more. However, the small screen can take some getting used to.

You can check out various Accessibility features, make your icons bigger, and use Taptic Time if you have a hard time seeing some items on the screen. But if you simply want the text to be a bit larger, it’s a simple adjustment. Here, we’ll show you how to increase the text size on your Apple Watch.

How to stop sharing Apple Watch activity with your friends

Activity Sharing on Apple Watch

If you set up your Fitness (Activity) app to share your details with a friend or family member, you can stop sharing anytime you like. Maybe you no longer want them to see if you’re reaching your move goals or how many steps you take in a day.

Here, we’ll show you how to stop sharing your Apple Watch activity on both your iPhone and your Watch.