Watch Apple’s iBooks Textbooks Video

Apple has posted a promotional video for their recently launched iBooks Textbooks feature, and you can watch it right now.

As you're no-doubt aware of, Apple hosted a media event this morning in NYC to unveil their new education initiative.

We've tried the iBooks Textbooks ourselves, and we liked what we saw. Now you can head over to Apple's website to see a video of their new take on educating the masses via the iPad and iBooks.

iBooks 2 ‘Life on Earth’ Textbook Video Demonstration

We just got the chance to go hands-on with one of the first textbooks to appear in Apple's textbook section of the iBookstore, and we were very impressed by what we saw.

Besides the fact that the book downloads are very hefty in size, making for a pretty lengthy download time over Wi-Fi, the content is great for education. Kids in school are going to learn a lot, and best of all, they're going to enjoy doing so.

Check inside for our hands-on demonstration of E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth — one of Apple's flagship textbooks to demonstrate the power of textbooks on iPad...

Apple’s Upcoming New York Event to Focus on Education and Textbooks

Following yesterday's report that Apple is planning a relatively low-key media event in New York this month, more sources have weighed in on what the company has planned for its upcoming announcement.

Last night TechCrunch said that Apple's event will focus on publishing and iBooks. Four more sources have corroborated that report this morning, and it looks like Apple is about to enter the textbook space.