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Apple M1 chip FAQ: All your questions answered

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The M1 chip. A brand-new piece of technology announced by Apple. This tiny but powerful chip is a significant part of a new lineup of Mac computers. But what exactly is the M1 chip? What does it do, what are the benefits of it, and should you look into buying a Mac that has one? This M1 chip FAQ has answers to these questions and more.

How to force universal Mac apps to run under Rosetta emulation instead of natively

Apple provides the enhanced Universal 2 binary feature to its developers who wish to ship macOS apps that pack in code for both Intel and Apple Silicon systems. In other words, a universal binary runs natively on both Apple M1 and Intel-based Mac computers because it contains executable code for both architectures. However, certain edge cases may justify running a native Apple Silicon app under Rosetta emulation, and we show you how it's done.