Mesh Networking

Some of the best Wi-Fi mesh-networking kits you can buy now

Having a weak Wi-Fi signal at home can be frustrating. Sometimes even more frustrating than just not having any Wi-Fi at all. But there's a way to improve the wireless signal in your home, it just takes a few extra pieces of hardware to make it happen. Which is where a Wi-Fi mesh network kit comes in.

Amazon acquires mesh router firm eero

Amazon on Monday announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire eero, the firm behind the popular mesh routers. Details of the deal are scarce at this point, but the two companies say they have a shared vision that "the smart home experience can get even easier."

Best Wi-Fi mesh network systems for your home

Best Wi-Fi mesh network

Unlike traditional routers, a Wi-Fi mesh network uses multiple access points or nodes that are placed at different spots around your home. Based on the setup of your home, mesh network systems automatically guide your devices to the node that's ideally suited at the time. In doing so, Wi-Fi dead zones are removed.

Here are the best Wi-Fi mesh network systems you can buy for your home and the reasons to buy them.