Landscape Wallpapers

iPhone sunset canvas wallpapers

canvas vector iphone wallpaper jianoliu idownloadblog mock up

Being cooped up for months at a time as we avoid the global pandemic, seeing impressive nature scenery is something we can only hope to see in the near future.

Until then, these canvas iPhone sunset wallpapers are an incredible way to enjoy that natural scenery, on an hourly basis. The colors range from deep pinks to high oranges and are sure to cure your longing to be outside, if at least momentarily.

Vector landscape wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

As we continue to spend more time indoors, due to various lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders avoiding COVID-19, we utilize our devices more than ever. These vector landscape wallpapers are a way to escape the view of your own four walls and enjoy a creative approach to the outside world.

Almost a cartoonish appearance, the colors, sun rays, and reflective blue water make these images incredible downloads.

Colorful vector landscape wallpaper for iPhone

Colorful vector landscape wallpapers ByArthur1992aS idownloadblog mock up

Vector images are computer graphic creations of lines, mathematical or freehand, that are in 2D space and offer scalability. These vector landscape wallpapers illustrate both mountains and cityscapes. Across a range of colors, the calming purple of the mountains or the rushing intensity of the red city, these original digital creations make great wallpapers.