The best iPad stands you can buy now

The iPad lineup is a range of helpful tools. Whether it's the standard iPad, or all the way up to the iPad Pro, you can get quite a bit done with one of Apple's tablets. And finding the right tools to help with that is important.

Video: This iPad stylus has a mouse built into it

Instead of having to carry your iPad stylus along with a mouse/trackpad everywhere you go, why not carry just one thing? That's exactly the biggest selling point of a cool Adonit stylus so we have asked our videographer, Harris Craycraft, to create a video to tell you all about it.

The best kid-friendly iPad cases

An iPad is not cheap, but it is a pretty great way to give kids not only a ton of entertainment at their fingertips, but also educational-focused things to do as well. So while the kids are playing or learning, it's important to protect that device so it keeps working.