Individual charged with breaking into thousands of iCloud accounts to try and find explicit photos of women

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Apple bills iCloud as a safe place to store a user's digital footprint, from documents to files to just about everything else that can be stored in the cloud. However, some folks out there in the wild will do just about anything to find personal, revealing photos of others. Like one man who has apparently broken into thousands of iCloud accounts on the hunt for explicit photos.

The 3 best Google Photos alternatives to store your photos and videos

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Are you looking for a Google Photos alternative now that Google has ended free unlimited photo storage? Worry not, there are plenty of options available for someone who takes a lot of photos and stores them on the cloud. The photos and videos already on Google Photos will still be available, but anything uploaded after June 1st will count towards the free 15GB storage. Of course, you can sign up for a Google One storage plan and get more space. However, there are a couple of better alternatives that you may want to try.