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How to translate words, sentences, and text found in images in Safari, Notes, Photos, and other apps

How to translate words, sentences, paragraphs, and web image text in Safari

This tutorial will show you how to translate words, sentences, or paragraphs on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We will also show you how to use the Live Text feature to translate text found in images.

We will guide you through the steps using Safari as our example. But since the translation feature is built into the operating system, you can also use it in all Apple-made apps such as Notes, Photos, Mail, and more. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with all third-party applications.

3 ways to change the default web browser on Mac

You have multiple browser choices on Mac, like Apple's Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and more. This brief tutorial shows you why you might want to change the default web browser and how to set any browser you like as the default in macOS.

How to use Grammarly on iPhone

Grammarly on iPhone

Grammarly is a handy writing tool that helps fix grammatical errors, typos, and more. Like me, if you have been using it on your computer, you might want it on your iPhone too. In this tutorial, we show you how to install and use Grammarly on your iPhone - as a keyboard, in the iOS Safari browser, and as an editor.

How to not overpay for YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is something that, after trying, you won’t ever want to give up. It’s easy to sign up for via your iPhone or iPad’s YouTube app for $15.99, but did you know you can get the exact same YouTube Premium subscription on your iPhone or iPad for just $11.99?

How to stop name, address, email, and payment autofill suggestions in Safari

Safari AutoFill Settings Disabled on iPhone

To help you quickly fill a form or instantly check out, Safari can autofill your name, email, phone number, home address, and credit card information on a webpage. This sounds great. But at times, it can get annoying as these suggestions automatically pop up in other text fields or situations when you want to enter different details. Due to these or any other reason, if you don't wish to see contact and payment autofill suggestions in Safari, here's how to disable it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

4 quick ways to open Safari Private Tab on iPhone in iOS 15

Quick ways to open Safari Private tab on iPhone in iOS 15

Safari does not remember any web pages you visit in Private tabs. This means what you browse in Private mode is not saved in your browser history. In iOS 14 and earlier, tapping the Safari new page button (two overlapping squares) from the bottom right showed the option to go private. But in iOS 15 and later, that's no longer there.

Therefore, if you wonder how to open a Safari Private tab on iPhone in iOS 15, here are four quick ways to do that. These may seem different but are easy as before.