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How to back up your Mac photos and videos

Back up photos on Mac

Given your Mac’s large internal drive, you may be tempted to store all your photos and videos locally on it. But keeping your meaningful memories in just one place is never the ideal solution, as you may lose them due to drive failure, theft, or unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is highly recommended you back up your most precious pictures and videos to at least two different places, and in this tutorial, we’ll help you with that.

How to batch edit photos on iPhone with the same filters and effects

Editing in iPhone Photos app

The Photos app in iOS 16 allows you to copy the edits you have made to a picture and paste them into another image or several images. This handy tool lets you apply your custom filters, corrections, and effects to many pictures in just a few taps.

Let's get on with this and show you how to copy and paste edits in the iPhone and iPad Photos app.

How to permanently unlock the Hidden and Recently Deleted sections of the Photos app on iPhone

Two iPhone mockups with one showing locked Hidden and Recently Deleted sections in the Photos app while the other showing them as unlocked

When you hide a photo or video on your iPhone, it's removed from the Recents album and moved to a new Hidden section. Similarly, when you delete a picture or video, it's moved to the Recently Deleted folder, where it stays for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

In previous versions of iOS, there was no way to lock these Hidden and Recently Deleted albums. So, anyone with access to your unlocked iPhone could see what was inside the Hidden and Recently Deleted sections.

Apple tweaked these things in iOS 16, and now Hidden and Recently Deleted sections are locked by default. You will see these changes immediately after installing iOS 16. But if you don't like that and wish to keep the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums permanently unlocked, here's how to do that.