Android fanboys upset after Google’s Hangouts update hit iOS first

Apple doesn't port its own iPhone and iPad apps to Android, but let's pretend for a moment it did. How would you feel if the company issued a major update to, say, its Apple Store shopping app for Android first, then days or weeks later gave the iOS edition some much-needed love?

Wouldn't you have felt left behind?

You now have a good picture of the outrage flaming in the Android community after Google gave the iPhone users the ability to send and receive Google Voice calls through the Hangouts iOS app (free download).

Remarkably, this game-changing feature has yet to hit the Android Hangouts edition.

It's actually so bad that Vic Gundotra, Google's Senior Vice President of Engineering, had to jump into the comments section of his announcement blog post and reassure Android fans that Google hasn't forgotten about them. There will be an update coming soon, he promised and pledged users to make love, not war...

Google Hangouts for iOS updated with free voice calling and more

Google has posted an update for the official iOS client of its Google Hangouts platform The update, which brings the app to version 1.3, includes a handful of new features like support for animated GIFs, Google Voice and more.

But the most significant addition in version 1.3 is the ability to make phone calls. The feature, which is free for folks in the US and Canada, will allow users to call actual phone numbers using their iPhones, iPads or iPod touches...

Google removing Messenger from Google+ apps

Another Google service has bit the dust as the Internet giant announces it will be removing Messenger from Google+ for Android and iOS over the coming days. OBviously, as the focus turns to Hangouts, Messenger is no longer needed. Granted, the writing's been on the wall ever since Google released Hangouts for iOS and Android back in May, its answer to the unification of the many Google chat services under a brand new moniker...

First Google Hangouts update brings new features

In the first major update since its release back in May, Google's cross-platform unified messaging software Hangouts has just enhanced your chatting experience with a couple new additions. Addressing some of the top requests, Google Hangouts versions 1.1.1 features improved iOS 6 support and now finally lets you send URLs, as well as and click on links received in chat messages. I've included more information about this update after the break...

Try Google’s new Hangouts app now

Previously code-named Babel, Google yesterday announced its new cross-platform unified messaging product called Hangouts. Shortly after, the software surfaced on Apple's App Store and Google's Play store for Android.

In replacing Google Talk, Hangouts supports one-on-one and group chatting across desktop, Android and Apple devices and includes photos, emoji, and video calls.

In a nutshell, the app integrates messaging from Google’s GTalk, Google+ Messenger, Hangouts and Voice products. But that's just scratching the surface as Google obviously has big plans with the product...