Galaxy Tab

Judge denies Samsung’s motion to dissolve Galaxy Tab ban

US District Court Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung’s motion to lift the injunction on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 last night. The decision comes in response to Samsung’s August 27 request to dissolve the sales ban against its tablet.

Back in June, Koh granted Apple a preliminary injunction against the Tab due to patent infringement. But after the jury in last month’s trial found that the tablet didn’t infringe on Apple’s IP, Samsung wanted the decision overturned..

Samsung designer: work on Galaxy Tab 10.1 preceded iPad unveiling

Today, Samsung’s new 10-inch Galaxy Note tablet goes on sale in the United States, priced at $499/$549 for the 16/32GB version. The device comes with a stylus and has some interesting multitasking functionality. Samsung also has another 10.1-inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab. The device sports more traditional design akin to iPad and as such has caused contention between Samsung and Apple, resulting in Apple’s copycat accusations.

Samsung industrial designer Jin Soo Kim took the stand yesterday to testify that his work on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 began in October 2009, insinuating that Samsung designed, engineered and manufactured its tablet before Apple unveiled the original iPad in January of 2010…

Samsung says Apple lifted the iPad’s design from a 1981 tablet, other prior art claims

It’s the third week of the Apple v. Samsung mega-suit and Samsung is on the offensive with some interesting assertions meant to invalidate some of Apple’s key patents. For example, the Galaxy maker, whom Apple accuses of ripping off its iPad and iPhone wholesale, now counterclaims that Apple stole its patents related to things like e-mail, photo albums and playing music in the background.

Furthermore, Samsung brought a number of experts who testified that Apple’s patents should be invalidated due to a bunch of prior art. Heck, the company even wheeled in a monstrous Surface-like tablet computer into the courtroom in an attempt to invalidate Apple’s pinch-zoom feature and establish that everyone, even Apple, takes inspiration from someone else’s work…

Surprise, a lot of folks get confused between Apple and Samsung products

Seriously, do you know anyone who in their right mind would mistaken a Samsung phone for an iPhone? Anyone? If your answer is a resounding ‘no’, congrats – you’re officially a geek, just like yours truly.

Now, Apple’s been arguing from the onset that the extent of alleged copying of its industrial design exhibited in Samsung’s work introduces a strong likelihood of customer confusion between the two brands.

While gadget lovers whose morning routine includes skimming through tech news cannot grasp how anyone could possibly mistaken a gadget with the Samsung logo for one with a bitten apple on it, to those outside the tech circles – you know, the general public, average consumers and Joes Schmucks of this world – the similarities are painfully obvious.

Specifically, one in two thought they saw an iPhone when presented with an image depicting a Samsung phone…

Confidential Apple, Samsung sales data revealed in court documents

The Apple v. Samsung case is a peep show of sorts, a pornographic public showing of the two technology giant’s closely kept secrets to the extent that we have for the first time been allowed to examine a bunch of early device prototypes, read internal communication about Apple’s engineering process, including tidbits like Apple’s ‘kitchen’ brainstorming, and laugh over such mundane things as stickers on court exhibits.

And now, a very important and confidential piece of information has also been publicized, Apple’s and Samsung’s sales numbers…

Here’s how much Apple is demanding in damages per each Samsung device

It was recently suggested that Apple wanted Samsung to pay as much as $2.5 billion in damages for allegedly copying its iOS devices: $500 million in lost profits, $25 million in royalty damages and a whopping $2 billion for the profits Samsung “unjustly received” using Apple’s intellectual property.

A new report breaks down the figure on a per-device basis, as outlined in an exhibit prepared by accounting consulting firm Invotex Group, which specializes in calculating royalty rates for litigation…

Industrial design expert on why Samsung is the copyist

Samsung has been called the copyist by Apple many times over, the first time in court documents the iPhone maker filed as part of patent infringement claims brought against its frenemy in April of 2011.

But evidence is mounting that Samsung slavishly copied some areas of the iPhone experience, like the iPhone’s gorgeous icons.

On Monday, Apple brought in an expert to testify before a northern California court where the iPhone and Galaxy makers locked horns in the patent trial of the century…

iPad slaughters competition, gains share in Q2

The iPad is increasingly looking like a big success story for Apple though investors have been largely ignoring the fact due to their fixation with the iPhone, which fell three million units short of predictions in Q2 2012.

During the June quarter, Apple sold 17 million iPads, an 84 percent increase over the 9.25 million iPads sold in the year-ago quarter and up from the 11.8 million iPads shipped in Q1 2012. In just twelve months, Apple increased its share by almost seven percentage points, from 61.5 percent in Q2 2011 to a whopping 68.2 percent in Q2 2012.

Samsung and Asus also gained, the former on the heels of its Galaxy Tab lineup that Apple thinks copies the iPad’s look and feel, and the latter based on strong sales of own products and the Nexus 7 which Asus makes for Google…

Samsung: we went public with excluded exhibits because you asked for it

As we reported yesterday, Samsung has gotten itself in some hot water with Judge Lucy Koh who strongly condemned its attorneys’ decision to influence the jurors by publicizing previously excluded evidence. Samsung was hoping to sway the court of public opinion by releasing a set of slides and a media release which it hoped to use in the litigation to establish that Apple sough inspiration for the iPhone’s design from Sony, as its product chief suggested in a pre-trial interview.

The Judge demanded that Samsung’s legal team reveal who exactly drafted the press release and who authorized it. The Galaxy maker today filed a brief responding to Judge Koh’s request which explains Samsung’s reasoning behind the unusual move…

Samsung’s product chief dumbs down litigation with Apple to rectangles

Wired sat down with Apple’s Jony Ive to talk design ahead of the trial of the century which kicked off in northern California today and the publication is now extending the courtesy to Samsung, interviewing its product person to hear the other side.

Samsung’s Kevin Packingham discussed patent and design accusations between his company and Apple, the result of which is bound to have serious ramifications for both parties. Unsurprisingly, the executive played down Apple’s concerns that the Galaxy tablets and smartphones copy the iPhone and iPad slavishly, pointing out there’s really just one way to go about the candy bar form factor…

The Apple-Samsung mega-trial kicks off today, here’s what the jury will see

A high-stake technology trial involving Apple and Samsung is set to kick off today in a U.S. District court in San Jose, northern California over design and patent infringement claims involving Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of smartphones and tablets and Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

In the run-up to the mega-trial a bunch of court filings was made public, revealing Samsung’s overly aggressive court strategy but also offering a unique glimpse into Apple’s prototyping and industrial design processes. When all is said and done, this is what the jurors will see…

Some Samsung tablet buyers thought they were getting iPads

A new set of court documents filed ahead of the July 30 mega-trial between Apple and Samsung reveals that retailers like Best Buy informed Samsung that an unknown portion of buyers were returning Samsung’s tablets because they thought they were getting iPads. Furthermore, court documents also show that several Samsung employees did discuss the similarities between Galaxy products and Apple’s iPhone and iPad themselves…