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Chipolo ONE Spot review: how it compares to Apple’s AirTag

I've been toying around with AirTags since they came out a few weeks ago, and I was impatient to try the only third-party alternative available at this time: the Chipolo ONE Spot. Chipolo is one of only three companies that have been approved by Apple at this time to be part of the Find My network. Out of the three, it's the only company that has built an item tracker similar to AirTag. So if you're in the market for an item tracker that works with the Find My app, your options are either the Apple AirTag or the Chipolo ONE Spot.

With that said, the folks at Chipolo sent me a ONE Spot for review ahead of their official launch later in June. This post will essentially be a Chipolo ONE Spot review and a direct comparison with AirTag.

Apple’s brand new AirTag has already been hacked

Apple announced its new AirTag tracking accessory at the Spring Loaded event just over two weeks ago, and the first deliveries only started reaching the hands of avid customers last weekend.

Despite how new the product is, it seems that it has already been hacked by brilliant minds in the security research space.

How to add third-party accessories to Apple’s Find My app to keep track of them

An image featuring three iPhone screenshots showing third-party products in Apple Find My app, from left to right: VanMoof's S3 electric bike, Belkin's SondForm true wireless earbuds and Chipolo's OneSpot personal item tracker

Apple on April 7, 2021, opened up its Find My app to third-party products via a new program that permits non-Apple entities to take advantage of the company's secure Find My network. This enables users to track any compatible third-party devices using the Find My app. But before you can actually track devices and accessories not designed and made by Apple, you must add them first to the Find My app—and we walk you through the whole process.