DIY iPhone Speakers

These speakers could have easily been designed by MacGyver but it’s designer Dmitry Zagga who came out with this brilliant, yet simple idea. Made out of 2 cups, 2 toothpicks and a set of earplugs, these DIY iPhone speakers won’t compete with your real speakers but it will certainly increase the volume of your earbuds; the sound being magnified due to the shape of the cup. More pictures after the break.

DIY iPhone Landscape Stand

Inspired by Nathan Barry’s iPhone alarm clock stand, gbzphoto decided to create his own DIY alarm clock stand. The result is pretty amazing. gbzphoto has more images on his Flickr account.

DIY iPhone Alarm Clock Stand

In the DIY series, we had the paperclip iPhone stand, the iPhone binder clip dock, and now we have the iPhone alarm clock stand. Nathan Barry, the creator of this cheap alternative to an iPhone stand, used the plastic packaging that the iPhone 3G came in and used a sharp carving knife to craft it. Nathan says:
I’d been after a nice looking digital clock for the bedroom for ages, so I was pleased with the ‘Digital Clock’ app from the iPhone App Store. It’s quite customizable (colour, brightness and digit style) and auto-rotates. Only problem is you have to leave it on all night – which used to drain the battery almost flat, until I discovered the ‘Airplane Mode’!
You can see his pictures on Flickr, here and here.

DIY iPhone Binder Clip Dock

If you liked what I posted earlier this week on how to make an iPhone stand with a paperclip, you will appreciate this video found on Make on how to make an iPhone dock, using binder clips. It doesn’t look really easy to do but the result is pretty good. If you try this at home, please send us pictures!

DIY paperclip iPhone stand

How smart is this guy? While some of us would spend $50 in an iPhone or iPod Touch stand, our friends Dean and Ying created their own for just about $0.01. How? Simply by using a paperclip. That has to be the cheapest iPhone accessory you can find. The guys were kind enough to also provide you with a PDF template to make your own. Check them out!