iOS 7.0.3 apparently corrects iPhone 5s sensor calibration issues

A smaller percentage of owners of Apple’s new iPhone 5s flagship have been inundated with inaccurate compass and inclinometers readings.

As you’ve likely heard by now, some of the affected customers in Apple’s support forums reported readings consistently off by a noticeable margin. This has been blamed on a change of supplier.

Rather than tap its longtime supplier STMicroelectronics, Apple has opted to buy accelerometer sensor for these new iPhones from Bosch, a large German industrial company producing household appliances, automotive parts and many other items.

Haters came out of the woodwork screaming Bosch hardware was at fault to suggest Apple had run out of options and will now supposedly need to recall the affected units. Turns out the issue was easily fixable because the newly released iOS 7.0.3 update has made inaccurate sensor readings a thing of the past…

Inaccurate iPhone 5s sensor readings blamed on new accelerometer supplier Bosch

Cody recently relayed a Gizmodo report describing how an unknown portion of iPhone 5s owners have been experiencing inaccurate compass and inclinometers readings, consistently off by a noticeable margin. A huge thread on Apple’s support forums details the persistent problem.

One report Wednesday offered the most likely culprit: a change in supplier. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the issue can be fixed by way of firmware update or if some sensors are off by design, in which case Apple might replace faulty iPhone 5s units at no cost…