Analog Camera

Analog for Mac gains Analog Camera’s filters, now half price

I recently reviewed Realmac Software's Analog Camera for the iPhone and iPod touch. With its minimalistic user interface, this app from the makers of the Clear to-do app  is probably the fastest and easiest way to take and process images on your iPhone.

Although it crops images for the square format, Analog Camera ships with eight Instagram-like filters and quick sharing options, which is ideal for impulse sharers.

Keeping true to its promise, Realmac today updated its Analog for Mac app with Analog Camera filters. And to celebrate the move, they've shaved 50 percent off its asking price in a time-limited promotion...

Review: Analog Camera, from the makers of the popular Clear to-do app

Realmac Software's highly anticipated photography app, Analog Camera, has finally landed on the App Store this morning.

Drawing from Analog Camera for the Mac and the company's user interface skills honed developing the popular Clear to-do software, this brand new iPhone photography app gets rid of the clutter to focus on just a few barebone features.

But even though its undisputedly polished and effective interface signals an interesting new direction for iPhone photography software, is less really more in the case of Analog Camera? Read on for the full review...

Clear app creators unveil the snappiest iPhone photography app, Analog Camera

The popular Clear to-do app (currently free for a limited time) won us over with the minimalistic, clean and flattened user interface and its delightful use of multitouch gestures.

And now, from the same guys who made Clear comes a brand new iPhone photography software called Analog Camera. As you could imagine, it's built with the same principles that made Clear such a hit.

Specifically, this photography app features a beautifully simple and uncluttered user interface that will no doubt prove as delight to use as Clear's. It remains to be seen whether Analog Camera can revolutionise taking photos just as Clear revolutionized to-do lists, though it packs in core features you've come to expect from a decent photography app, including a set of filters for post-processing.

I've included a promo video and more tidbits after the break...