The Trail is a beautiful jaunt in the palm of your hand

In gaming circles, the mentioning of Peter Molyneux’s name alone will cue plenty of associations. The Brit gained industry fame at the helm of projects such as Black & White or Fable, inextricably linking his name to figments of fantastical worlds, deep characters and far-reaching decisions on virtue and morality. In 2012, Molyneux founded 22Cans and branched out to mobile gaming. So far, remarkably little has come off it on iPhone.

In view of the latest product out of 22Cans' think tank, the rules might however just have changed. Their latest adventure goes by the name The Trail and revolves around the ostensibly quiet premise of wandering nature. Contrary to some notions inherent to hiking though, it is remarkably entertaining, oddly social and distinctly Molyneux. Oh, and it is a visual treat for your eyes.

Find out if the game with the curious premise is cut out for you in our review.

Remastered version of 1998 classic adventure game Grim Fandango hits iOS

The highly acclaimed adventure game, Grim Fandango by LucasArts, has been remastered and released for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

Featuring fully repainted high-resolution textures, a new dynamic lighting system, a handy concept art browser and classic musical score re-recorded with a full live orchestra, Grim Fandango Remastered provides an unforgettable experience spiced up with over two hours of exclusive developer commentary — and is a massive 3+ GB download.

Legendary Grim Fandango adventure has been remastered, coming to Mac in January

Grim Fandango, the legendary neo-noir adventure game that LucasArts released back in 1998 for Windows, with Tim Schafer as the game's project leader, is getting a thorough makeover soon. This classic dark comedy style game made history as the first LucasArts' adventure to use 3D computer graphics overlaid on pre-rendered backgrounds.

According to DoubleFine Productions, Tim Schaffer's publishing company established in July 2000 after his departure from LucasArts, the game will be launching next year on January 27 across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac and Linux.

Featuring revamped graphics optimized for today's high-resolution screens, Grim Fandango Remastered sticks to the original vision. The game takes place in an afterworld called the Land of the Dead, through which recently departed souls must travel before they reach their final destination, the Ninth Underworld.