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Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s widget system

If you’re on iOS 14 and you have a jailbreak at your disposal, then you’re probably wondering how you can get the most out of it. The obvious answer is by installing jailbreak tweaks that are relevant to the end user, but with so many releases launching week after week, keeping up with the best ones isn’t easy unless you’re a robot.

Reimagine what’s possible from the iPhone’s Home Screen with AppEditor

One thing that I’ve always liked about having a jailbroken iPhone is that I can get to important things more quickly than I could on a stock handset. This is all because of the different types of shortcuts and extensions that you can have on a device that’s no longer being subjected to Apple’s native software restrictions.

While there’s certainly no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that permit handy shortcuts and functionality from almost anywhere in iOS, those who consider themselves to be power users may have something to gain from the likes of a newly released jailbreak tweak called AppEditor by iOS developer @CrazyMind90.

This jailbreak tweak lets users add empty space between app icons with invisible widgets

Jailbreakers, whether they use themes or not, tend to be of the mindset that device customization should be a human right. Apple seems to disagree; but I digress.

One way jailbreakers customize their handsets is by changing their Home Screen’s app icon layout. Unfortunately, Apple designed the Home Screen so that app icons would snap into place without the ability to leave spaces in between app icons.

Flowing gives jailbreakers a smoother Home Screen paging animation

On any stock iPhone or iPad, swiping left or right on the Home Screen results in a paging effect as you move from one page to the next. This paging animation automatically locks your focus to the next or previous page of app icons, dependent on which way you swiped.

Some people like the paging animation, but it’s something that has been around since the dawn of the iPhone. If you’d prefer something a little different, then we might suggest checking out a new and free jailbreak tweak release called Flowing by iOS developer TitanD3v.

This tweak adds the Magnifier app to any jailbroken iPhone’s Home Screen like iOS 15

All iPhones incorporate a magnifier interface that can enlarge things for the hard at seeing. It tends to be useful for getting a closer look at fine text on a sheet of paper such as a book or shopping receipt.

In iOS 14 and earlier, the Magnifier interface can be summoned via accessibility using Control Center or a manually planted Home Screen icon. However starting with iOS 15, the Magnifier interface debuts as a standalone app on the Home Screen right out of the box.

Batch uninstall apps from your jailbroken iPhone or iPad with Speedy

There comes a time when almost every iPhone or iPad owner comes to realize that they want to do partake in Spring cleaning on their handset’s Home Screen.

Whether you’re in the mood to delete apps because you need more storage space or because you feel like you have too many unused apps, the fact remains that it can be a tedious and time consuming process to sort through your apps and delete the ones you don’t want anymore.

Jailbreakers can achieve the Home Screen of their dreams with Paradise

If you’re looking to accomplish a custom Home Screen setup on your iPhone or iPad, then your typical options include shifting app icons to different pages or organizing them into folders. You’d be hard-pressed to customize much else, as Apple doesn’t offer many other options.

This apparent shortcoming has left the jailbreak community to do what it does best: break down Apple’s unfortunate customizability barriers by offering end users a slew of options for achieving unique Home Screen aesthetics that no one else will have – especially not those using stock, non-jailbroken handsets.

PadGrid condenses the Home Screen layout on jailbroken iPads

Anyone with an iPad knows that the Home Screen’s layout is locked to a specific grid with no adjustability out of the box.

The lone exception to this rule is that you can have widgets on the left side of the screen and apps on the right on the first page. Configuring the Home Screen in this way condenses the app icons. Still, it’s not ideal for the remaining pages.