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Apple launches a Personal Safety User Guide to tackle safety concerns like AirTag tracking and device access

Apple's promotional image showing an AirTag being held between two fingers

When Apple launched its device tracking accessory, the AirTag, it did so to plenty of fanfare. It was just one more Apple-branded device that was designed to help with everyday tasks. However, since the accessory's launch there has been a lot of concern about stalking and property theft. Apple has added features to help alleviate some of those issues, but now the company is going one step further with a dedicated user guide to help smooth over some of the wrinkles.

Chipolo introduces the CARD Spot wallet tracker with Find My support

The Find My network is one of the most helpful utilities Apple offers. And it became even better when the company introduced the ability for third-party companies to tap into that same feature. One of the first was Chipolo, which introduced the ONE Spot item tracker last year. And now the company is back with another tracking device.

Canadian law enforcement link Apple’s AirTag to car thefts

Apple's promotional image showing an AirTag being held between two fingers

Apple has a tendency to shift industries, and usually that's a good thing. However, in one particular case, it appears that one of the company's newest products are being associated with something that isn't so great: car thefts. Which is surely a little frustrating, considering Apple was getting plenty of flack for not being the first to market with a small device used to track devices.

AirPods Pro and AirPods Max finally support better Find My integration

A male hand holding a charge case for AirPods Pro with the earbuds inside and the lid open

Way back in June of this year, when Apple first introduced iOS 15, one of the features baked into the software was better support for Find My integration with both AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. However, by the time iOS 15 was ready to launch to the public (back in September), that feature did not make the cut. Now, a little over two weeks later, it's finally here.