Gurman: Apple might introduce haptic buttons on iPhone 16 Pros next year

Corroborating analyst reports, Gurman confirms solid-state buttons will appear on the iPhone 16 Pros in 2024 instead of this year’s models.

iPhone 14 Pro packaging set upright on a white table, with colorful lights blurred in the background
Those solid-state button rumors are getting out of hand | Image: Victor Serban/Unsplash
  • Bloomberg’s chief correspondent Mark Gurman speculates Apple could introduce touch-sensitive buttons with haptics next year with the iPhone 16 Pros.
  • Recently, conflicting rumors have created confusion as to whether this year’s iPhone 15 Pros would have solid-state buttons.
  • Gurman says Apple is unsure about touch buttons because they seem costly and complicated to manufacture. The next iPhone should enter mass production in July, so there’s no time left for Apple to change its mind even if it wanted to.

iPhone 16 Pros could bring haptic feedback buttons

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Gurman was asked about the latest haptic buttons that the rumor mill expects for the iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple has created internal iPhone 15 Pro prototypes, Gurman responded, that have non-moving buttons with haptic feedback instead of the good old mechanical buttons. In other words, the rumor about the iPhone 15 Pros getting solid-state buttons was correct then. Meanwhile, however, Apple has changed its mind.

According to Gurman, the company has been “wavering” on solid-state buttons for months due to the costs and complexity. Note that reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first claimed that Apple delayed solid-state buttons until the iPhone 16 Pros over “unresolved technical issues before mass production.”

Gurman has corroborated rumors that non-moving buttons were nixed, saying Apple is “likely” to introduce them with the iPhone 16 Pros next year.

It appears that both Gurman and Kuo agree that the new buttons will be exclusive to Pro-branded iPhones—the regular iPhone 16 models should retain the mechanical volume and power buttons, in addition to the silent switch.

It’s pretty much given that we won’t get touch-sensitive buttons this year.

Cirrus Logic, Apple’s Taptic Engine supplier, told shareholders it won’t receive orders for new haptics modules destined for this year’s iPhones. In addition, leaked CAD files clearly show mechanical buttons for the iPhone 15 Pros.