Woolnut’s slim leather case for AirPods Pro review

If you are like me, your AirPods Pro go everywhere with you. Given they are on a journey daily, the case knocks around in pockets, luggage bags, and my backpack. Just relentless motion. It is important to me that I protect them with an accessory that does not diminish the Apple aesthetic or experience. Woolnut‘s leather case for AirPods Pro accomplishes this goal.

Woolnut leather case for AirPods Pro (2nd gen)

As with all of their products, Woolnut starts with premium grade, full grain Scandinavian leather. For the AirPods Pro case, it is wrapped over semi-rigid TPU sidewalls. On the 2nd-gen case, cutouts ensure access to the speakers, lanyard loop, and Lightning port. The Lightning port cutout is large enough to support third party cables. Additionally, the case is wireless charging compatible. A small hole punch makes the status light perfectly visible.

A two-piece construction means there is a chance the top comes off in your bag or pocket. However, the fit is very, very snug. Moreover, the completely smooth, save for the pebbled leather surface, exterior prevents anything from snagging the case and pulling it off. There is a sticky strip inside the top piece that ensures a tight connection. Admittedly, I did not try using this sticky strip because of my custom painted Colorware edition black AirPods case. I would have no concern on Apples smooth, OEM plastic case.

Once installed, the whole experience is still very trim, just like the AirPods case. It does not add any real discernible weight or size, even in a front pants pocket. This is different from some other leather cases I’ve tried that have a stitching edge all the way around. In fact, the leather case I replaced will not even fit in the Woolnut product packaging for this model.


Woolnut’s leather case for AirPods Pro (2nd gen) is a great product. Importantly, it protects your gadget, but does not take away from the Apple experience. The fit and finish are rock solid. In Black, Green, Gray, and Cognac, the accessory also matches a myriad of other premium leather accessories from the Woolnut lineup.

Sneaking a gen 1 version at $27 is a solid buy and still at $39, the gen 2 option is a well-priced product for the quality. To be honest, I think $39 is really the top of the cost spectrum for me, but there is value in the matchability to other Woolnut products, if you want the full matchy-matchy look for your accessories — which I do. I’m continually impressed with the range of Woolnut offerings and their ability to deliver a perfectly matching full grain leather line up.

The case does fit AirPods Pro gen 1, this is how I’m rocking it right now. The benefit of the gen 2 design is the cutouts for the speakers and lanyard. Conversely, a gen 1 case will also fit AirPods Pro gen 2, but you lose the access to the speaker ports and lanyard. At the time of publishing, buying gen 1 saves you $12.