Smooth spring gradient wallpapers pack for iPhone

The spring color pallet makes for incredible backgrounds. A simple gradient can capture the fresh, seasonal feeling by using just one simple color. In this addition to the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week, you will find a myriad of choices in the spring gradient wallpaper pack.

Spring gradient wallpaper for iPhone

An iDB regular feature, graphic artist @AR72014 created this minimal pack of wallpapers for iPhone. Each of the downloads features a single base color that very smoothly transitions to either a darker version, lighter alternative, or a different color all together.

I prefer gradient wallpapers above almost all other styles because there is little distraction from the Home Screen. Now with iOS’ many distractions, from changeable icons to half-screen widgets, using a color-only background is preferred. Feel free to dress up your Lock Screen, but even that location is beginning to cluster with the addition of interactive elements and color changing abilities.

Of the collection below, I have two favorites: the purple and dark blue options are really striking. If you’ve been following the wallpaper gallery posts, I’ve been hung up on purple for the last few years. My iMac, iPhone, and custom Air Pods are all various versions of purple. This is followed by the dark blue version, which is even slightly purple if you look at it the right way.

Blood orange spring gradient by AR72014 Download
Blue to yellow gradient by AR72014 Download

Spring gradient for iPhone light blue by AR72014 Download
Light purple spring gradient by @AR72014 Download

Spring gradient navy blue by AR72014 Download
Dark purple gradient by AR72014 Download

Spring gradient for iPhone peach by AR72014 Download
Marine green gradient for iPhone by @AR72014 Download

Alpine greed gradient by AR72014 Download
Noir gradient by AR72014 Download

If you loved these creations, you can check out even more AR72014 creativity in our dedicated gallery.

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