10 ridiculous deals you don’t want to miss

We cover a lot of tech deals here at iDB. We post daily discounts on Apple gear and accessories, and frequently update roundups on the best AirPods Deals and the cheapest prepaid plans for iPhones. Today’s roundup is going to be a little bit different. Ok, it’s A LOT different. I don’t want to say how or why, you’re just going to have to see it for yourself, below.

Nicolas Cage mermaid sequin pillow cover

This pillow cover is all business during the day, but at night it comes out to party. It’s not a significant discount off the retail price, and it doesn’t include the actual pillow, but I mean, come on. It’s Nic Cage!

See at Amazon for $13

Burritos tortilla soft flannel throw blanket

If you get cold while laying down on your Nic Cage pillow, you can cover up with this burrito throw blanket! This one measures 71 inches, but it comes in sizes from 47-80 inches, and of course there are other foods available. I think this might be the first 4.8-star rated product we’ve ever covered.

See at Amazon for $20

Women’s 3D fake print one-piece swimsuit

Yeah, I don’t know what we were thinking with this one. But hey, this is the lowest price in the last 30 days!

See at Amazon for $20

Men’s ask me about my ninja disguise flip t-shirt

Looking for a great icebreaker at parties, the bar, or perhaps a family wedding? Here you go! It’s up to 33% off right now, depending on what size you get.

See at Amazon for $12

3 pcs imitation chicken nugget keychain

I love that they had to put ‘imitation,’ in there, as if to warn people not to eat an actual keychain. Anyway, a bunch of companies make this kind of thing, but we went with this one because it’s 25% off, has a good rating, and it comes with little chicken wing and leg keychains as well.

See at Amazon for $9

Thor’s hammer bottle opener

It’s funny, this thing looks super real and super fake at the same time. Anyway, it’s a bottle opener, shaped like Thor’s hammer, and it’s 30% off right now.

See at Amazon for $12

Potty Putter toilet time golf game

Am I tripping, or did I see this or something like this on Shark Tank at some point? Anyway, I think this is one of those things that seems fun, and then you try it once, and the balls go really far away, and then you just don’t ever use it again. 32% off.

See at Amazon for $17

150 pc funny meme vinyl stickers

This really shouldn’t need much of an explanation. Get 150 stickers, of your favorite memes, for $7. 40% off.

See at Amazon for $7

Flickin’ Chicken indoor/outdoor target toss game

This looks like one of those games that appears dumb at first, but as soon as someone tosses the first chicken and it gets somewhat close to the target, everyone else jumps in like, “I bet I can get my chicken closer than that.” There are actually rules to this thing — the lowest score after 9 rounds wins. 40% off.

See at Amazon for $17

Zero gravity full body shiatsu massage recliner

I mean, just look at this beast. Imagine coming home after a long day and slumping into this thing. It has 20 rollers that massage 8 different parts of your body. It’s also heated and has a Bluetooth speaker to play relaxing spa music. I can’t believe you can get one of these for only $1,300. I might just get two of them, so I don’t wear the first one out right away. $200 off.

See at Amazon for $1,300

If you were hoping to see tech products, I am sorry to disappoint you. I promise we will return to our regular scheduled programming next week.