Swika is an attractive gradient-based theme for pwned iPhones

If you’re interested in a theme that will make your iPhone look like no other, then you might want to check out one called Swika by awezdesign.

Examples of Swika theme.

Swika takes advantage of a colorful gradient-based design language to offer app icons that pop against darker backgrounds.

With 276 app icons right out of the box, a majority of popular App Store apps are already supported in addition to all native iOS & iPadOS apps, and it even themes the icons in your Settings app for each section of the app.

In the event that one of your apps isn’t supported, the developer accepts icon requests of five at a time via email.

At this time, the Swika theme doesn’t support notification badges or icon masking, but the maker says that these features will come in a future update.

Swika supports jailbroken iOS 7 and later devices and can be applied to themed handsets using SnowBoard, Anemone, or iThemer.

If you’re interested in giving Swika a try because you like the aesthetics it brings to the table, then you can purchase it for $1.99 via the Havoc repository via your favorite package manager app.

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