Save money on a new Nintendo Switch, and some accessories and games to go with it

Don’t pay full price for a Nintendo Switch or accessories for it when you don’t have to. iDB persistently monitors deals that will benefit your gaming experience so that you can keep your spare money where it belongs: in your wallet.

Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers.

We’ll show you some of the best Nintendo Switch deals you can take advantage of right now in this piece.

Nintendo Switch OLED Edition

White variant of the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

Regularly $350, get it for $330.

Save some money on the top-of-the-line Nintendo Switch model right now. Amazon is taking $20 off the OLED edition of the white version of this console with color-matched white Dock and Joy-Cons.

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch non-OLED.

Regularly $300, get it for $280.

Want to save even more money? If you think you’ll use the TV more than playing handheld, then don’t bother getting the OLED edition. Amazon is taking $20 off the original non-OLED model as well, but this one comes with the basic black dock and neon blue and red Joy-Cons.

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YCCTEAM Pro Controller

YCCTeam Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch.

Regularly $50, get it for $35.

Get this really ergonomic Nintendo Switch Pro Controller knock-off with full functionality and well over 10k positive reviews and level up your game-play.

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Nintendo Joy-Con AA Battery Pack

AA battery pack for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers.

Regularly $35, get it for $25.

Make your Joy-Con controllers last longer with the official Nintendo-licensed AA battery pack.

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PhotoFast 4K Upscaler

PhotoFast Upscaler.

Regularly $200, get it for $155.

Make your graphics look even yummier with the PhotoFast 4K upscaler. This unit, when paired with a proper 4K TV and a proper 4K HDMI cable, can apply anti-aliasing effects to your games to make them look better when connected to larger displays.

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope cover artwork.

Regularly $60, get it for $40.

Play as the Mario gang or as your favorite Rabbid as you take on enemies in turn-based combative game-play. Progress through an interesting story-line along the way and save the world from doom.

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Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario: Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.

Regularly $60, get it for $50.

Play one of the best Mario games available on the Switch at a discounted price. Super Mario Odyssey is an open-world Mario game where you use your hat to perform special tasks, including taking control of your enemies. This is a gem every Nintendo Switch owner should have.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword cover art.

Regularly $60, get it for $45.

Play an incredible port of the popular Skyward Sword edition of the Legend of Zelda game series on the Nintendo Switch and enjoy not only a great story-line, but enhanced graphics along the way.

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