Save money on these sweet Nintendo Switch accessory deals

Ready to save some money while outfitting your Nintendo Switch with worthwhile accessories? If so, then we’ve got the hookup. These are some great deals on Nintendo Switch accessories you won’t want to miss.

Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers.

Nintendo Switch accessory deals

PhotoFast HDMI Upscaler

Enhance your Nintendo Switch's graphical output with this HDMI upscaler.

Regularly $199, get it for around $150.

You can upgrade your Nintendo Switch’s graphics output with an external GPU that plugs in directly in line with the HDMI output. This upscaler, when paired with the correct display and a compatible HDMI 2.0 or better cable, can upscale resolution from 1080p to 1440p, or even 4K, depending on the game console to deliver crisper images and fewer jagged edges. It does this all without any noticeable lag.

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microSD card

128GB microSD card licensed for the Nintendo Switch.

Regularly $34.99, get it for around $17.

Everyone knows that the Nintendo Switch’s internal storage isn’t enough to satisfy a gamer’s collection. That’s why a microSD card is a good idea to invest in. These microSD cards by SanDisk are available in different colors and designs with various storage size options and are certified to the correct specs for the Nintendo Switch.

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Pro Wireless Controller (Super Smash Bros Edition)

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Super Smash Bros Edition.

Regularly $119.99, get it for around $105.

The limited edition Super Smash Bros version of the authentic Nintendo Switch Pro Wireless Controller is currently on sale for a limited time. This controller works just like the standard, except that it’s outfitted with white grips and the Super Smash Bros logo across the center.

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HORI Joy-Con Charging Stand

HORI Nintendo Switch Joy-Con charger.

Regularly $34.99, get it for around $30.

Get this Nintendo-licensed Joy-Con charging stand by HORI on the cheap to ensure that you never have a Joy-Con die before you can win your MarioKart race or battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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HEYSTOP Nintendo Switch case & accessories

Carrying case for Nintendo Switch.

Regularly $25.99, get it for around $19.

Keep your investment save while you take it along with you on your travels with the HEYSTOP Nintendo Switch carrying case. It has enough room for your handheld Nintendo Switch, an extra set of Joy-Cons, some games, and even charging cables or other small accessories. It even comes with some stuff to protect your Switch, including a screen protector, thumb grips, a hard shell, and more.

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NYI Upgraded Battery Replacement

Replacement battery kit for Nintendo Switch.

Regularly $35.89, get it for around $22.

Do-it-yourselfers can save some serious dime on a battery replacement that not only replaces a faulty battery but upgrades it as well. This kit comes with everything you need to get your Nintendo Switch to hold a charge again.

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Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

Regularly $13.60, get it for around $11.

If you ever play with just your Joy-Con grips, then you know just how non-ergonomic they can feel. These grips change that by making them feel more like regular controllers, and they won’t break the bank either.

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