Apple Watch Nike inspired iPhone wallpapers

With watchOS 9, the Nike faces are available on all Apple Watch models, not just limited to the Nike version. This transition creates some fun for all Apple Watch owners that previously could only wish for the fitness focused face. In celebration of the new access, pair your new face with Apple Watch Nike-inspired iPhone wallpapers.

Nike inspired iPhone wallpaper

These backgrounds are the creative handiwork of @mattbirchler, who operates the Apple centric blog and A Better Computer YouTube channel. His channel focuses on the best use of common software, new apps, and service recommendations for gadget heads.

Birchler mentions he too has been using the newly found Nike face access. In so doing, he was inspired to make a collection of wallpapers fashioned after the sporty faces. Calling his collection of 13 images, “Fitness Wallpapers,” they play off the colors and design of the stock watchOS imagery.

Personally, I’m a fan of the orange and purple wallpaper, found below as number “003.” I have been pretty drawn to purple since picking up the M1 iMac and iPhone 14 Pro Max in the same color.

Apple Watch Nike inpsired iPhone Wallpaper 008 Download
Apple Watch Nike inpsired iPhone Wallpaper 013 Download

Apple Watch Nike inpsired iPhone Wallpaper 003 Download
Apple Watch Nike inpsired iPhone Wallpaper 012 Download

Apple Watch Nike inpsired iPhone Wallpaper 005 Download

If you like the samples here, then you can download the entire pack of 13 “Fitness Wallpapers” on Birchler’s blog, where you can also read up on latest gadget trends.

Thanks to our EiC, @SébastienPage, who tipped me off to the collection. You too can contribute to the growing Wallpapers of the Week gallery by submitting tips or Lock Screen tricks to me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the wallpaper collection. You can also snag mid-week downloads, sneak peaks of upcoming wallpaper posts, and participate in general Apple gadget banter.

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As mentioned above, I’ve been partial to purple themed wallpapers. This has been a renewed passion after getting the Dark Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max. If you feel similarly, then check out this previous post, focused specifically on purple wallpapers.

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