Colorful gradient Apple logo wallpapers for iPhone

Having a minimal wallpaper is the best way to set up an iPhone. Of course, this is personal opinion, because plenty of people love a really busy background… but today is not that day.

A simple gradient makes a perfect background and adding the “hello” or the Apple Logo gives it some extra Cupertino flair. These Apple logo wallpapers capture the minimal aesthetic while showing off your fandom.

Apple logo wallpapers

Today we have two collections with the same focus. Thanks to @wallscate for the tip on these six wallpapers by @iBidule, who touts himself a wallpaper creator. iBidule does have the Deviant Art gallery of images to backup this claim. Check out the library for even more wallpapers posted by the account.

Each variation has a blank gradient, Apple logo, and “hello” logo, which is a call back to the Macintosh launch by Steve Jobs in 1984. Naturally, the graphic images are perfect for your lock screen, while the plain gradient is a Home Screen option.

This first set, has a rich color combination between the dark purple and pink colors. This linear gradient showcases the simplicity of blending between the two.

Hello iPhone wallpaper with red gradient Download
Air Colection Apple Logo iPhone wallpaper Download

Air gradient wallpaper Download

The second version uses a very soft, pastel palette of pinks, blues, oranges, and purples. Much more of a “light mode” style wallpaper. This collection is my favorite of the two, specifically because of the way these cotton candy colors all swirl together but still show distinctly in the image.

Hello iPhone wallpaper with gradient Download
Sunny Collection Apple Logo iPhone wallpaper Download

Sunny gradient wallpaper Download

In order to keep the iDB Wallpapers of the Week flush with great wallpapers, I rely on the community to help track down incredible images. Like tipster @wallscate, you can send a wallpaper, download, or repo my way. Follow along via @jim_gresham, where I curate the image collection. You can snag a mid-week download, sneak peak at upcoming posts, and catch general Apple-focused chatter.