“Commander” wallpaper pack for iPhone

Command! That all important keystroke that separates us from PC animals. Okay, sure, let’s not forget Option. But, Command! This is a key that commands respect and is uniquely Apple. In today’s iDB Wallpapers of the Week edition, celebrate your affinity for Apple with these impressive “Commander” wallpaper downloads, featuring the symbol and assorted background colors.

“Commander” wallpaper for iPhone

“Commander” is a design by graphic artist @BasicAppleGuy, who maintains the blog by the same moniker. Utilizing the SF Symbols library, he created an array of different wallpapers. SF Symbols is a downloadable font/glyph library by Apple that includes images of all Apple products.

Taking the Apple product glyphs, BasicAppleGuy arranged them into the Command symbol, found on Mac keyboards. The latest SF Symbols update, and the Commander wallpaper include newer products like AirTags, Mac Studio, Studio Display, iPhone 13, AirPods 3, and more.

According to BasicAppleGuy, the design includes 18 shades of Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, and Blue. iPhone downloads are available below.

Matte black Command symbol wallpaper for iPhone Download
OLED optimized Commander black white iPhone wallpaper Download

Rainbow Commander wallpaper for iPhone Download
Rainbow rainbow Commander iPhone wallpaper Download

Rainbow gradient iPhone wallpaper Download

Additional device versions of Commander are available for iPad and desktop on the BasicAppleGuy blog. If you stan for the design and want to show it off to the world, then order yourself a printed t-shirt version in Six Color or Matte Black, shown below. (This is not a paid ad, btw. I actually own one!).

And, check out even more BasicAppleGuy wallpapers in our dedicated iDB gallery.

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Using the same SF font symbol library, there is a previous set of inspired iPhone and iPad downloads. A recurring, minimalist pattern of Apple gadgets spread across a canvas of color matched wallpaper inspired by the iPhone case collection of the time.

Download them from our iDB wallpaper gallery below.

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