AltServer updated to v1.5 with multi-device support, AltJIT compilation support, direct app sideloading, & more…

AltServer, the program used on macOS and Windows to sideload apps via the AltStore application for iOS & iPadOS, was updated to version 1.5 this Tuesday afternoon with some notable changes.

In a Tweet, which we’ve included a screenshot of for you above, the AltStore Team cites AltServer v1.5 as a “highly anticipated” update with support for AltJIT, direct .ipa sideloading, multi-device usage, and improvements for the Mail app plugin, among other changes.

The full change log is shown below:

In case the image doesn’t load for you, we spelled everything out for you below:


• Enable Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation with sideloaded apps with the new “Enable JIT” menu option
• Sideload apps (.ipa files) directly to iOS devices without installed AltStore first
• Install AltStore onto multiple iOS devices using the same Apple ID
• AltPlugin can now be updated independently from AltServer


• Added “…” to menu items that require additional user input to match macOS HIG
• Prefers “individual” paid teams over free teams if there are multiple Apple Developer teams associated with your Apple ID
• Revokes the previous iOS Development certificate created by AltStore (if one exists) instead of revoking a random one
• Improved various error messages


• Fixed “App Group Does Not Exist” error when sideloading apps
• Fixed a potential crash when disconnecting an iOS device from your computer
• Fixed a potential crash when sideloading certain apps
• Fixed potentially registering an app group twice when sideloading an app containing app extensions
• Fixed “RSTPlaceholderView.nib couldn’t be saved” error when sideloading apps
• Fixed duplicate “Revoke Development Certificate” alerts when sideloading apps

For users with automatic updates installed, AltServer should automatically update. However if you want to check if your installation received the update, or update to version 1.5 manually, then you can head over to AltStore -> Check for updates… in the Menu Bar on your Mac or the comparable menu in the Task Bar on your Windows PC.

If you’re not already using AltServer, then you can download it for free from the official website.

This update is recommended for all AltStore and AltServer users, as it will dramatically enhance the user experience. We’re particularly excited about being able to use multiple devices with the same Apple ID, as well as being able to sideload apps directly onto a device that doesn’t have AltStore installed on it.

AltStore is commonly used for installing jailbreak apps such as Taurine or unc0ver, however it can be used to sideload any .ipa file whether it’s intended for jailbreaking or not.

Have you updated to the latest version of AltServer on your Mac or PC yet? Be sure to let us know how you’re enjoying the latest sideloading enhancements in the comments section down below.