Set a different wallpaper image for every page of your Home Screen with Expanse

Wallpaper selection is one of the most intimate forms of user customization that we get on the iPhone, and while customization options are definitely more expansive on jailbroken handsets, the wallpaper remains an important part of that.

Hyperixa is now out with a new jailbreak tweak called Exspanse that lets users set different wallpaper images for every individual page of their Home Screen, making it so you no longer have to pick just one of your favorite images to look at every time you use your device.


Once installed, Expanse adds a new preference pane to the Hyperixa app where users can toggle the tweak on or off on demand and then configure the tweak to their heart’s content:

Options in the primary preference pane include:

• Choosing a fallback wallpaper
• Selecting an image for every individual page on your Home Screen

In our case, we have two Home Screen pages on our test device, so Expanse automatically detects that and allows us to set up to two different wallpapers for the two different pages.

Expanse is free from the Hyperixa repository via your favorite package manager app. Expanse is compatible only with jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Those who aren’t already using the new Hyperixa repository can add it to their package manager app of choice by using the URL that we’ve provided for you below:

Do you have any plans to set different wallpaper images for each of your Home Screen pages with the new Expanse jailbreak tweak? We’re excited to read about your thoughts on the tweak in the comments section down below.