Download these grungy graffiti wallpapers for your iPhone Lock screen

The exact opposite of minimal wallpapers, these grungy graffiti wallpapers for iPhone just smatter the canvas with colors, shapes and chaos. Our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection brings you new backgrounds every single Sunday. Normally we keep it on the simple side, but there’s something to coating your iPhone in a barrage of colors and shapes that keeps things fresh.

Grungy, graffiti iPhone wallpaper

These grungy wallpapers for iPhone were sourced from @Dr_iPh0ne’s feed. The account regularly posts mobile sized images that span any number of subjects. In a quick scroll, I grabbed this five-pack of relatively similar types of wallpapers.

It does not appear that Dr. iPh0ne focuses specifically on iPhone sized images, because the following images actually range a little bit in canvas size. However, because the subject is, well, “grungy,” I feel like they work just as well.

My favorite image is the version featured most prominently in the hero image above. There is something about the triangles and blue/pink color scheme that reminds me so aggressively of the 90’s fashion and design scheme.

Like, I probably had a pair of pants with that exact same design. Or, maybe it could be a backdrop in Wild & Crazy Kids on Nickelodeon. Regardless of the nostalgia it may or may not trigger, I like that it is completely over the top for an iPhone wallpaper. Consequently, it would be best suited as a Lock Screen image vs losing your apps in the fray.

Dark mode graffiti iPhone wallpaper Download
Red iPhone graffiti wallpaper Download

X O graffiti wallpaper for iPhone Download
Loaded grafitti iPhone wallpaper Download

Simple graffiti iPhone wallpaper Download

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