Flowering buds gradient iPhone wallpapers

Spring has sprung. iDownloadBlog’s Wallpapers of the Week is quick to provide a seasonal mood to your background. Capturing nature’s beauty is complicated, but these gradient based iPhone wallpapers bring simplicity. Ranging in soft tones, the flowering buds rest on top of a smooth pastel gradient. This small iPhone wallpaper pack celebrates spring’s mood.

Flowering buds iPhone gradient wallpapers

I stumbled across these images via @NickNice85. Nick manages a Google album, you can find the link on his Twitter profile, that has some top notch wallpapers. However, Nick also posts to his personal unsplash account, which is full of incredible photography.

Although, today’s six flowering buds wallpaper downloads are not actually Nick’s. He reshared these images by Marek Piwnicki. Piwnicki also manages a personal photography repository on unsplash, where today’s images were sourced. There are more than 1,700 images on the unsplash site by Piwnicki, if you want to download more for your devices.

No doubt, my favorite is the very last image, with the purple gradient. I have been on a little purple kick, ever since nabbing the purple M1 iMac a year ago. The rich, royal purple color gradient that very carefully fades to a much liter version is just top notch for me. The very simple subject, with the short depth of field, and incredibly smooth, colorful gradients make these incredible wallpapers.

Yellow flower bokeh iPhone wallpaper Download
Purple and yellow gradient flower bokeh iPhone wallpaper Download

Red sunset flowering stems iPhone wallpaper Download
Ice blue flower iPhone background Download

Pink Purple iPhone gradient wallpaper with plant Download
Purple gradient flowering buds iPhone wallpaper Download

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