Fast cars wallpapers for iPad

Who doesn’t love a fast car? They’re so cool. And, they generally look just as awesome. Art in the form of speed is something that always gets me excited. These stylish sporty designs also make incredible iPad wallpapers. Enjoy the clean lines and beauty on your Lock Screen with these fast cars wallpapers for iPad.

Fast cars wallpapers for iPad

Instead of just picking a single car, I wanted to get a little sampling. Fast cars wallpapers shouldn’t just be super cars or exotic cars. So, I took a quick range, from Japan, to Italy, and Germany. I couldn’t help but choose the all new redesigned Toyota Supra in an incredible yellow. Followed by the tail end of a yellow Lamborghini. Rounding out the line up, BMW and Audi challenge each other from the precision German auto makers.

These fast car wallpapers for iPad, will also fit well on any iPhone devices. Given the canvas size is large enough for an iPad Pro, you can easily set them on a smaller device.

Yellow Toyota Supra iPad wallpaper Download
Yellow Lamborghini iPad Pro wallpaper Download
Blue BMW wallpaper Download
Audi R8 iPad wallpaper Download

Fast cars also inspire wild stories at the cinema. If you are a child of the 80’s, or just know good classic movie cars, two stand out for me. Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters isn’t going anywhere too quickly, but it was a missed opportunity if I didn’t throw it here for a bonus download. We can confirm that Back to the Future’s DeLorean at least achieves 88MPH in a small parking lot. It’s definitely fast. Burn the road fast.

Ecto 1 Ghostbusters iPad wallpaper Download
Back to the Future Delorean iPad wallpaper Download

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