Wallpapers that make your iPhone dock invisible

Given the iDownloadBlog community loves modding their devices via jailbreaking, you will love this easy way to make your iPhone dock invisible, without modding your device! The first step is simply downloading these incredible gradient iPhone wallpapers for your device. Running the color spectrum, these smooth colored images make great Home or Lock Screen backgrounds to hide your iPhone dock.

Wallpapers that hide your iPhone dock

A discovery by iDB writer Ankur Thakur, these images make your iPhone dock nearly invisible. The images take advantage of the way that iOS blends the dock opacity to the background wallpaper color. Regardless of the image you download below, the dock will subtly blend into the wallpaper, making your dock almost completely invisible. Ankur provided some instructions that ensure it blends the most: if you go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size, and enable Reduce Transparency and then use one of the special wallpapers, the Dock gets almost hidden. This is confirmed in the hero image above.

All of these invisible iPhone dock wallpapers are square, with a large canvas size. Not to worry, it simply helps line up the image when setting as wallpaper on your device.

First up, just a quick selection of solid gradient colors. As you can see, the darker bottom is what blends so nicely, making your iPhone dock transparent, or essentially invisible. My favorite color here is the mint green, but probably because it matches the new green Apple Watch band.

Coral transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
Mint transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download

Red transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
Grape opaque dock iPhone wallpaper Download

Strawberry transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
Gray transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download

In addition to the solid gradients, there is a selection of gradient images with rainbow additions. These similarly make the iPhone dock invisible, but have a little more character to them, aside from just a simple color gradient.

Grape rainbow gradient hide the dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
Pink gradient iPhone wallpaper Download

Transparent dock iPhone wallpaper blue gradient Download
Transparent dock iPhone wallpaper yellow rainbow gradient Download

These and more similar images can be found on the Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper website, which is a repository of backgrounds. If you have similar tips, tricks, or downloads, then catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the Wallpapers of the Week gallery. You can also grab mid-week downloads, sneak peaks of upcoming posts, and find general Apple banter.