The best Batman logo wallpapers for iPhone

My favorite super hero growing up, and to this day, is Batman. Receiving the Bat Signal, Bruce Wayne always answered the call for Gotham. His bat logo emblazoned against the sky and on his chest, makes for strong hero iconography. The Batman logo wallpapers for iPhone take advantage of this simplistic design.

Batman logo wallpapers

The Batman, debuting in theaters on March 4, is Matt Reeves’ take on the DC Comics character. Known more recently for his work on the modern Planet of the Apes franchise, he is bringing a new grit, even more aggressive than the Dark Knight series, to the franchise. At least according to the trailers. Robert Pattinson is the top billed actor, along side Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell.

Although the move was delayed from an original launch date in 2021, the film will not be simultaneously streamed on HBO Max, despite being distributed by Warner Brothers Pictures. In 2021 almost all Warner Bros movies were launched both on the platform at in theaters.

The following, minimalist Batman logo wallpapers for iPhone were sourced from, an online wallpaper repository for mobile devices. My favorite is the very first download — a textured wallpaper with two simply grey-black colors and a very uniform, well placed Batman logo.

Textured minimal Batman logo iPhone wallpaper Download
Cracked Batman logo wallpaper for iPhone Download

Batman logo black on black iPhone wallpaper Download
Batman logo iPhone wallpaper Download

Batman shadow logo iPhone wallpaper Download

The following Batman wallpapers were sourced from the same repository.

Batman illustration wallpaper for iPhone Download
Flying Batman streets iPhone wallpaper Download


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