M1 MacBook Pro inspired iPhone wallpapers

I really enjoy seeing the wallpapers that Apple uses to launch new product lines. Similarly, the images they include with new OS updates. However, I am always just a bit more excited by the wallpapers that Apple inspires. Within the iDB Wallpapers of the Week community, you can always find amazing, new, fresh images that have that original Apple twist, but a brand new feel. This iPhone collection is inspired by the M1 MacBook Pro stock image.

M1 MacBook Pro inspired iPhone wallpapers

While the original design is credited to Apple, these modded versions are the handiwork of @Arthur1992aS. Arthur is not new to the wallpaper scene and has been featured multiple times in our own wallpaper gallery. He was recently featured by the highly popular Vellum wallpaper app, where an entire collection is dedicated to his work. We actually featured the Vellum app in the Wallpapers of the Week feed about four years ago. It has grown since!

The following four version collection draws inspiration from the original Apple design. But, taking things to new levels, the color changes and steady gradients bring new life to the stock wallpapers. These four are specifically cropped for your iPhone devices and will make incredible Home or Lock Screen backgrounds given the simplicity.

My favorite is version 2 because of the rich blue and purple bottom color and swift gradient to a bright right sunset red, that ultimately fades back into a deeper purple at the top.

M1 MacBook Pro inspired wave wallpaper for iPhone V1 Download
iPhone wallpaper design from M1 MacBook Pro V2 Download

2021 MacBook Pro wallpaper variant for iPhone V3 Download
Curved MacBook Pro M1 wallpaper for iPhone V4 Download

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