Abstract curves wallpaper pack for iPhone

For the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week, we bring you photo quality images every Sunday. The best wallpapers offer a great middle ground between minimal and complex, with a range of visually pleasing colors. These minimal abstract curves are original creations that walk between the two.

Abstract curves wallpaper for iPhone

Below there are two different collections by graphic artist CloudX, who goes by @LiamJThai1. Follow the account to nab regular wallpapers from the feed. There is a bio link which takes you to a larger Google drive collection.

Of the two collections, my favorite is the light blue version of the “Curveture” collection. I really enjoy the layering effect of the multiple green strokes, contrasting against an increasingly bold version of the purple. In my opinion it makes a better Lock Screen background given the placement of the strokes, but the colors prove to be rich on the iPhone, regardless of placement.

First, the “Morph” collection is the most minimal of the two sets. Blending a few brush strokes with a contrasting background, the simple wallpaper uses color to pop.

Morph iPhone wallpaper in Green Download
iPhone wallpaper Morph in Yellow Download

Creme Morph iPhone wallpaper Download

Second, the “Curveture” collection is a little more involved, from a design perspective, but still offers that perfect blend of minimal with action. A wider set of colors make these more complex, but the simple design aesthetic is still calm enough to consider minimal… in my opinion.

Pink iPhone Curveture wallpaper Download
Light Blue Curveture wallpaper for iPhone Download

Curveture wallpaper in Blue for iPhone Download

The iDB wallpaper gallery is curated by me via @jim_gresham, where I take submissions for the collection. You can connect with me to submit your own digital wallpaper art or simply send in a tip, where a great collection can be found. Follow along for mid-week downloads, previews of upcoming posts, and general banter about Apple gadgets.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, which will be a recap of the top wallpapers from this year!