iPod Socks wallpapers: a multicolor pack

In October 2004, Apple introduced iPod Socks! While I am a big fan of sleeve-style cases, the iPod Socks were a bit of an interesting launch for an Apple product. This iPod Socks wallpaper pack celebrates the varied colors and knitted stitching of Apple’s odd case.

iPod Socks wallpapers

This clever, original creation is by @BasicAppleGuy, who claims to “have a disproportionate, bordering on irrational, adoration for iPod Socks.” In his personal blog post, he explains that studying stitch patters allowed for a more realistic wallpaper that replicates the physical design.

He was able to create a gray based, five column stitch design and then utilize a colored mask to apply the different colors, ultimately matching the original product launch.

Take a read through the original post to get the full story behind this creative process and how he make the full iPhone, iPod Socks wallpaper pack! Enjoy running Apple commentary on the BasicApplyGuy blog.

Blue iPod Socks wallpaper for iPhone

iPod socks wallpaper basicappleguy iDownloadBlog orange

Orange and yellow textured iPhone wallpaper

Gray knit sweater iPhone wallpaper inspired by iPod Socks

iPhone wallpaper in pink iPod Sock style

Dark purple and light purple iPod Sock wallpaper for iPhone

Green iPod Sock wallpaper for iPhone

Call for iPhone 13 wallpapers!

Like @BasicAppleGuy, you too can submit wallpapers to me for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection. You don’t need to be the original artist, just a tip or a repository to find more incredible backgrounds is appreciated.

iPhone 13 is most likely being announced this Tuesday. Every time Apple launches new hardware, they use incredible wallpaper images in their marketing materials, but never release those images for download. If you are able to recreate these great images, we always post them as fast as possible the day of the announcement. You can send them over to me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the collection.