Radial – a collection of minimal gradient wallpapers

Every Sunday we feature a new batch of crispy images for our Wallpapers of the Week collection. From naturescapes to official, unreleased Apple stock backgrounds, the collection is perfect for your favorite iOS devices. My favorite style of backgrounds are always extremely simplistic and very colorful. I was really excited to stumble across the “Radial” pack and we have five images from the collection to download.

Radial wallpaper pack

The Radial wallpaper collection is a creative work by @its_shevi. Shevon is a creator with a very successful YouTube channel, comprising of tech reviews and lifestyle videos. We teamed up with Shevon to offer this exclusive sneak peak iPhone pack from his much larger Radial Collection. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and YouTube!

The full Radial wallpaper pack includes 12 incredible wallpapers in various colors for iPhone and desktop. Below, we are previewing full size downloads of five choice colors for iPhone! Our thanks to Shevon for offering this sneak peak, free download pack for iDB.

My favorite of the following mini selection is “Anemone.” I love the light lavender that fades to a rich purple. I think I’ve been drawn to purple as a result to Apple launching the purple iPhone 12 variant and my own purchase of the purple M1 iMac.

Yellow “Sunflower” gradient wallpaper for iPhone

“Sunset” pink and red geometric wallpaper for iPhone

Radial Noir

“Noir” black and white geometric circle iPhone wallpaper

“Anemone” purple gradient wallpaper for iPhone

If you loved the five downloads in our preview, then you will love the entire collection. You are able to access the full collection via Shevon’s Gumroad account. From the preview image above, you can see the entire pack is incredible. When downloading from Gumroad, you will also get desktop class versions at 3840 x 2160 of all colors.

To keep track of upcoming iDB wallpaper posts, get sneak peaks, and mid-week downloads, follow along with me @jim_gresham. If you have a great set or know where to find the next iDB wallpaper of the week, make sure to send me a link!