Apple Tower Theatre wallpapers inspired by the newest retail store

On June 27, Tim Cook and senior vice president of retail + people Deirdre O’Brien opened the newest Apple store, Apple Tower Theatre. Restoring an historic Los Angeles 1927 theater, the location is completely renovated. The location is now a place for gathering as well as purchasing Apple’s latest gadgets. Among the location launch, specific Apple logos were displayed and we have Apple Tower Theatre wallpaper inspired by these images.

Apple Tower Theatre wallpaper

As shown in the official Apple press images below, the Apple logo appeared not only on the large digital panels, but also on the display products and swag shared with first time customers.

Taking inspiration from these unique Apple Tower Theatre logos, the included wallpaper pack is available for iPhone, iPad, and 5K desktop resolutions.

The featured collection is the creative work of @BasicAppleGuy. He is known for taking inspiration from official Apple items and making incredible wallpapers for a range of devices. He maintains a design-forward blog, where you can also find more wallpapers.

My favorite of his images below is the one featured first. The orange to purple Apple logo is just awesome. I love it on a true black background and then the rich color sun rays make the logo shine.

Apple Tower Theatre wallpaper basicappleguy idownloadblog Apple logo iPad

iPad: Apple logo full color spectrum wallpaper based on Apple Tower Theatre

iPhone: full color Apple logo Apple Tower Theatre

iPhone: white Apple logo wallpaper for Apple Tower Theatre

5K: full color Apple logo desktop version Apple Tower Theatre background

5K: white version Apple Tower Theatre wallpaper logo

Full screen rays Apple Tower Theatre wallpaper basicappleguy idownloadblog iPad purple

iPad: full rays orange to purple wallpaper

iPhone: orange to purple inspired wallpaper

5K: Apple Tower wallpaper with full screen orange to purple rays

iPad: full rays orange to blue wallpaper

iPhone: orange to blue inspired wallpaper

5K: Apple Tower wallpaper with full screen orange to blue rays

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