Customize your jailbroken iPhone’s notification aesthetics with NotifyMe

Jailbreakers often experience an itch to customize their handset’s user interface. After all, who could blame them? Having a pwned device means you can customize things well beyond the stock parameters put in place by Apple out of the box.

One thing we commonly see customized by the end user on jailbroken handsets is the notification interface — namely the banners.

There are tons of ways to change how notifications look when you’re jailbroken, but if colorization is your cup of tea, then a brand-new and free jailbreak tweak called NotifyMe by iOS developer Mostafa could be worth checking out.

As depicted in the screenshot example above, NotifyMe not only lets you apply custom colors to your notification banners, but you can also personalize the borders and headers, among other things.

Once installed, NotifyMy adds a dedicated preference pane to the Settings app where users can configure the tweak to their liking:

Options here include:

  • Enable or disable notification content text color customization
  • Choose between adaptive, white, or black text colors
  • Enable or disable a notification banner header background
  • Enable or disable adaptive header background colors
  • Enable or disable randomized header background colors
  • Enable or disable glowing random header background colors
  • Enable or disable an adaptive notification banner background color
  • Enable or disable a random notification banner background color
  • Choose a custom notification banner background color
  • Make the background color of your notification banner more like the color of your wallpaper
  • Hide or show the notification title
  • Hide or show the notification date
  • Hide or show the app icon on the notification banner
  • Enable swipe left to clear the notification banner
  • Resize the notification banner border (in pixels)
  • Choose a custom notification banner border color
  • View a test notification banner to see your changes
  • Respring your device to save any changes you’ve made

With all of the above settings at your disposal, you can make your notification banners look however you want. Whether you’re into subtle interface changes or you like something substantially more wild, we think NotifyMe offers enough options for everyone to find their happy medium.

Those interested in giving NotifyMe a try can download it for free from the BigBoss repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 12, 13, and 14 devices.

How will you configure your notification banners with NotifyMe? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below!