iOS 15 wallpaper concepts

Tomorrow, Apple kicks off the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC21) with a media event. Each year, WWDC announces upgrades to all Apple software systems. We get the chance to see upcoming improvements for our devices. With each new OS, a new stock wallpaper is released and today we offer downloads of incredible iOS 15 wallpaper concepts, based on existing systems.

iOS 15 wallpaper concepts

The WWDC software announcements cover next generation upgrades to all platforms: iOS; macOS; iPadOS; tvOS; and watchOS. If you are a registered developer, initial betas will be available for download of each system. Otherwise, the general population will not have access to the upgrades until early Fall, generally when the new iPhone is released in September. However, why wait to dress up your devices with new wallpaper?

Below is a collection of iOS 15 concepts by @AR72014. A fan favorite, you can check out AR7’s iDB wallpaper gallery to see even more walls.  The following images are original creations, inspired by existing stock wallpapers. You can see how macOS Big Sur and the new M1 iMac wallpapers are influencing the incredible wallpapers below.

iOS15 Concept wallpaper idownloadblog home app (3) AR72014

iOS 15 wallpaper concept based on Home app in pink gradient

Home app inspired iOS 15 concept in green to blue gradient

iOS 15 Concept wallpaper idownloadblog home app (1) AR72014

iOS 15 concept wallpaper based on Home app in blue and orange

iOS 15 Concept wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 based on macOS Big Sur

Big Sur inspired iOS 15 wallpaper concept in gradient

iOS 15 wallpaper concept inspired by macOS Big Sur stock wallpaper

iOS 15 concept inspired by M1 iMac stock wallpaper with macOS Big Sur gradient

M1 iMac inspired iOS 15 concept wallpaper in red

iOS 15 wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 based on M1 iMac 2

2021 iMac stock wallpaper inspires iOS 15 concept in green and purple

The iOS wallpaper concepts above are just a sample of the full collection. You can download even more variations by visiting AR7’s full repository, linked on Twitter.

As the betas hit this week, everyone will be clamoring for a downloadable version of the new system wallpapers. If you are able to extract from the beta or recreate the stock wallpapers for iOS 15, then please send them my way via @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery.

Even if you stumble upon the iOS 15 wallpaper on twitter, shoot me the link so I can get it posted for the iDB wallpaper community!