Get a 4×4 grid in your jailbroken iPhone’s folders with 4ders

Despite the addition of the App Library in iOS 14, tons of iPhone users still take advantage of Home Screen folders because they offer flexibility in ways the App Library doesn’t, such as naming, placement, and user-configured content.

Useful as they may be, Home Screen folders haven’t changed much over the years. They still only hold a 3×3 icon grid even on the largest iPhone handsets, and some users would like to see more.

That’s where a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called 4ders by iOS developer Ginsu comes into play, as it upgrades the native folder capacity from a 3×3 grid to a much more useful 4×4 grid.

As you’ll see in the before and after screenshot example above, 4ders make substantial room to fit more app icons inside of a folder’s first page.

This effect doesn’t just manifest itself inside of the folder, but also via the folder icon itself when viewing it from the Home Screen:

Since you can enjoy multiple pages of apps inside of Home Screen folders, the point of the tweak isn’t to increase the number of apps you can fit in a folder; rather to increase the visibility of apps you’ve stashed inside without having to swipe as far to get to them.

Personally, I think the 4×4 layout makes better use of the empty space otherwise unoccupied by the 3×3 grid. Those who agree can download 4ders for free from ginsudev’s personal repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

If you’re not already using ginsudev’s personal repository, then you can add it to your package manager of choice via the following URL:

Do you plan to increase the capacity of your folders with the new 4ders tweak? We’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments section down below.