Dunescape desert wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Nature’s beauty is always inspiring. In this desert wallpaper pack, both the minimally attractive sand dunes and rich colored skies bring an incredible majesty to your Home and Lock Screen. The colors cross from dark greens and blues, to high toned pinks and purples.

Dune wallpapers for iPhone

The desert wallpaper collection is a set of still images from @jstngraphics‘ DUNESCAPE XXI collection. A moving piece of art by original design, check out the video below.

jstngraphics hosts several locations for accessing, downloading, and purchasing original creations. This specific DUNESCAPE collection is featured on SuperRare. Give it a look if you are hoping to own one of these impressive digital designs. Perhaps print is more your style; check out ArtistSourced for hard copies.

The wallpaper collection below was pulled from a tweet. You can utilize the images for iPhone or even iPad with minimal photo quality artifacting. Make sure to follow Justin on Twitter for more downloads and updates when his work is available on his galleries.

My favorite image is the second, below. It is the one featured in the 3D animated tweet. I really enjoy the contrast of the dark desert dunes against the extremely bring stars spread across the green and blue night sky.

DUNESCAPE desert wallpaper for iPhone jstngraphics idownloadblog night

Light blue sunset in a galaxy of stars desert wallpaper DUNESCAPE

Green galaxy night sky over a desert DUNESCAPE wallpaper download

DUNESCAPE desert wallpaper for iPhone jstngraphics idownloadblog day pink

Desert DUNESCAPE with pink sand against a pink sky iPhone or iPad wallpaper

Orange and purple desert wallpaper DUNESCAPE for iPhone and iPad

If you have a collection of incredible images, let’s chat! If you know where to find a collection, shoot me the link! Catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery. Every Sunday, check out a new set of downloads for your favorite iOS devices.