Colorful water droplet wallpapers for iPhone

If it’s Sunday, then we release incredible, photo quality Wallpapers of the Week. In my quest across the many corners of the worldwide web, I stumbled across these extremely simple, colorful water droplet wallpaper designs. With bold colors, well placed light and shadows, they were a must for the collection. Red, blue, green, and orange options give you plenty of choices.

Water droplet wallpapers

These images are original creations by artist @ongliong11. This account features multiple wallpapers on an almost daily basis. These almost anime-like images caught my eye because of the way light, shadows, reflections and colors are used to make a very minimal design feel extremely complex.

The first download in cherry red drew me to the set. A bit of a color gradient also adds to the overall aesthetic. Other than the RGB primary color scheme, the orange pops off the screen just as much as the red version.

Rain drop wallpapers used to be extremely popular in the earlier days of iOS, but with a very strong bokeh affect. These water droplet wallpaper images feature the same topic, but do it in a much bolder way.

water droplet wallpaper iPhone ongliong11 idownloadblog red

Cherry red water droplet wallpaper for iPhone

water droplet wallpaper iPhone ongliong11 idownloadblog orange

Water droplet wallpaper for iPhone in orange

Lime green water droplet iPhone wallpaper

Cool blue iPhone wallpaper with water droplets

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