IntelligentPass 4 intelligently disables your handset’s passcode and authentication in low risk environments

Your iPhone or iPad will be its most secure when protected by a passcode or some form of biometric authentication, be it Face ID or Touch ID.

But most would agree that such methods of security aren’t necessary in every environment at all times — such as when you’re alone in your own home.

If you’re interested in sparing yourself the hassle of having to enter a passcode or authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID when you aren’t in a high risk environment, then a slick jailbreak tweak dubbed IntelligentPass 4 by iOS developer Geometric Software may be of particular interest to you.

To keep it brief, IntelligentPass 4 intelligently pauses your handset’s passcode/authentication requirement in low risk environments, such as when residing your own home. It then automatically re-enables tour handset and passcode/authentication requirement when you depart the low risk environment.

One of the ways the tweak works is by allowing the user to designate a safe Wi-Fi network, and when your handset connects to a Wi-Fi network with the designated SSID, it pauses the requirement to authenticate yourself. You can also choose to pause passcode/authentication when connected to a specific Bluetooth accessory or on a schedule — whichever you prefer.

Once installed, users can visit the tweak’s dedicated preference pane in the Settings app to configure the tweak to their liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle IntelligentPass 4 on or off on demand
  • Toggle persist authentication (require a passcode or authentication after a respring)
  • Toggle IntelligentPass 4 when connected to certain Bluetooth devices
  • Enter the names of Bluetooth devices that you’d like to use for toggling IntelligentPass 4
  • Toggle IntelligentPass 4 when playing media from designated apps
  • Enter the names of apps that you’d like to use for toggling IntelligentPass 4 based on playback
  • Toggle IntelligentPass 4 on a schedule
  • Enter the timeframe that you’d like to disable passcode/authentication for
  • Toggle IntelligentPass 4 when connected to certain Wi-Fi networks
  • Enter the names of Wi-Fi networks that you’d like to use for toggling IntelligentPass 4
  • Configure extra options

In the Extra preference pane, users can pause passcode/authentication under the following circumstances:

  • When using Noise Cancellation mode with AirPods Pro
  • When Airplane Mode is turned on
  • When connected to an Apple Watch
  • When in CarPlay mode
  • When using Dark Mode
  • When using Do Not Disturb mode
  • When connected to wired headphones
  • When in Low Power Mode

With the extensive list of options above, it’s easy to configure IntelligentPass 4 to ensure that your device is secured with a passcode or biometric authentication when it needs to be and not when it doesn’t need to be. With it, you can access your handset more freely without interruption, especially when wearing a mask.

As you might’ve already discerned, IntelligentPass 4 is the fourth iteration of this tweak to be released, and it brings official support for jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 14 devices. Those interested in giving the tweak a try can purchase it for $2.99 from the Geometric Software repository via their favorite package manager.

If you aren’t already using the Geometric Software repository, then you can add it to your preferred package manager via the following URL:

Do you plan to take control of your iPhone or iPad’s passcode or biometric authentication conditions? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.