Abstract iPhone wallpaper “Warp” optimized for OLED

You have discerning taste! You love iPhones and customizing the look. You know that the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week is the best place to find curated backgrounds every single Sunday. Welcome back! This abstract iPhone wallpaper pack is an original creation with deep, rich colors and minimal design language for the perfect Home or Lock Screen.

Abstract wallpapers for iPhone

Like diving into a smooth cup of warm coffee, these curvy and simple shapes offer the comfort your device needs. The smooth gradients of rich purples, reds, blues, and greens transition seamlessly into a True Black #000000 background, which is perfect for your OLED iPhone screen. Even though the colors are muted, they still pop against that background, due to the pixel lighting control on the display panel. All new iPhone 12 models boast that premium OLED screen.

The pack is an original creation by @RshBfn. A digital artist, RshBfn posts creative work to Twitter. Although, the wallpaper releases are not that frequent, the quality is always there. Below is the recently released “Warp” pack.

abstract iPhone wallpaper rshbfn idownloadblog Warp-5

Ultra violet abstract iPhone wallpaper

Light blue wave wallpaper geometric shape iPhone wallpaper

iPhone wallpaper abstract red wave shapes

abstract iPhone wallpaper rshbfn idownloadblog Warp-2

Green wave abstract geometric shapes iPhone wallpaper

abstract iPhone wallpaper rshbfn idownloadblog Warp-1

Deep purple abstract iPhone wallpaper waves

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