San Francisco font symbols iPhone wallpapers

I love the colors Apple launches on their seasonal accessories. The wide color options for iPhone cases always tempt a purchase. Today’s Wallpapers of the Week celebrate the iPhone 12 cases with colors that match both the leather and silicone color ways. Mixing this color scheme with official San Francisco system font symbols makes for an incredibly compelling wallpaper.

SF symbol iPhone wallpaper pack

The following pack is another creative work by @BasicAppleGuy. He was featured a couple of weeks ago where we explained how to create Dynamic Wallpapers. He is on a roll with a bunch of incredible wallpapers and you should give him a follow and read his Apple centric posts.

Below, you will find a full array of wallpapers that match the most recent leather and silicon iPhone cases. From Kumquat to Baltic Blue, you can find a perfect image to match your latest accessory. I just love these colors. In fact, I’ve been holding out buying the Pink Punch Apple Watch Braided Loop and the California Poppy leather watch band, that also match these colors. This set of wallpapers may have just convinced me to buy them, but that is $200 worth of bands…

I love the style, for its intimate connection to the San Francisco font type. According to BasicAppleGuy:

It was only during my recent write-up about the iPod shuffle that I discovered that Apple’s SF Symbols app contained a fair bit of Mac symbology – including everything from the AirPort Extreme to the Xserve – and decided to use them as the basis for this design. The finished product has a bevy of current and historic Apple products, including AirPods, Apple Watch, 3 different generations of the Mac Pro, several generations of the iPod shuffle, and a whole bunch more.

If you are wondering what exactly the SF Symbols app is, you can find out even more from the official SF Symbols 2 website and even download both the SF Symbols 1.1 and SF Symbols 2.1 apps for macOS. There are more than 2,400 configurable symbols. The app allows users to export the iconography and even edit them as vector graphics. SF Symbols 2 features 750 of that total collection and includes new imagery found in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur.

iPhone 12 leather case colors

SF Symbols BasicAppleGuy iDownoadBlog iPhone12Pro Baltic Blue

Leather Baltic Blue iPhone 12 case SF symbol wallpaper

iPhone 12 black leather case SF Symbol wallpaper

SF Symbols BasicAppleGuy iDownoadBlog iPhone12Pro California Poppy

California Poppy yellow SF font symbol iPhone 12 wallpaper

(PRODUCT)RED leather case color with SF symbols iPhone wallpaper

iPhone 12 wallpaper in Saddle Brown with SF Symbol iconography

iPhone 12 silicone case colors

SF Symbols BasicAppleGuy iDownoadBlog iPhone12Pro Inverness

Inverness silicone iPhone 12 case color background with SF symbology

SF Symbols BasicAppleGuy iDownoadBlog iPhone12Pro Kumquat

Kumquat silicone color iPhone wallpaper with SF symbols pattern background

SF Symbols BasicAppleGuy iDownoadBlog iPhone12Pro Navy

iPhone 12 silicone case Navy color wallpaper with San Francisco symbols

SF Symbols BasicAppleGuy iDownoadBlog iPhone12Pro Pink Citrus

Pink Citrus SF symbol iPhone wallpaper with Apple iconography

SF symbol iPhone 12 wallpaper in Plum to match silicone case

SF Symbols BasicAppleGuy iDownoadBlog iPhone12Pro Product RED silicone

(PRODUCT)RED silicone case inspired iPhone wallpaper with Apple iconography

Plain white Apple iconography wallpaper for iPhone

If you liked this collection, then stay tuned for even more incredible wallpapers in the iDB gallery. If you want to be the first to know about new downloads, get sneak peeks at upcoming posts, or even submit some wallpapers of your own, catch up with me via @jim_gresham. On Twitter, I also release some of my own wallpapers and talk about recent gadgets that I’m testing out for the sit.