macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 wallpaper mods for iPhone

Since the launch of iOS Home Screen widgets and the ability to change app icons within native iOS 14, people are getting really creative with their setups. Pictured in the preview above, this @AR72014 wallpaper mod takes it a step farther with a creative way to enhance the look of the iPhone dock.

Apple stock wallpaper mods

The first two wallpapers in the collection are hide-the-dock style images. Imagery is taken from Big Sur and modded for iPhone devices. @AR72014 further modded his setup using the “Convergence,” theme on the Moloko app, found in the Apple App Store. Check it out!

macOS Big Sur iPhone dock mod ar72014 idownloadblog

Big Sur stock modded wallpaper for iPhone dock

macOS Big Sur iPhone dock mod ar72014 idownloadblog moutainscape

iPhone dock wallpaper mod with Bir Sur stock image

The following two images take a stock iOS 14 wallpaper and mod them into light and dark versions. While the stock version is an actual dynamic Light and Dark Mode version, the below version offer a slightly tweaked option.

iOS 14 iPhone light mod ar72014 idownloadblog

iOS 14 stock wallpaper day light mod for iPhone

iOS 14 iPhone dark mod ar72014 idownloadblog

Dark theme stock iOS 14 wallpaper mod for iPhone

Unfortunately, there is not a way to create wallpapers for iOS 14 the system will recognize as dynamic for Light and Dark Modes. However! There is a way to make Dynamic Wallpapers that wilswitch for macOS Big Sur! If you missed the last two Wallpapers of the Week, you should give them both a read to setup your Mac with custom wallpapers that dynamically switch at certain times of day, based on your geographic location, and/or Light and Dark Mode within the system.

How to create Dynamic Wallpapers for macOS and some downloads!

How to set custom, Dynamic Wallpapers for macOS and some downloads!

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